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James Walls

"I rented a beautiful 2 bedrooms apartment in Wales last year and it was lovely. The lady from The Wales Index quickly introduced us to our perfect stay. She was able to read what I had in mind and that is what made the difference."

Linda Summers

"Our stay in Cardiff has become our best holiday so far. The Wales Index was the key to finding the perfect place for us. My kids have asked me to go back there next summer, and I am seriously considering it."

Jorge Lopez

"I have been living in Wales for the past two years in a rented apartment. I have no complaints so far. This is a great property found through The Wales Index, the building is good and rent isn't high, which is much to say."


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Our properties fit all budgets and spread across the country.

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Welcome to The Wales Index, your one spot site for property rentals in the country of Wales! Here you will find the best properties available for rental, both short term and long term, and ranging all budgets. If you are planning to come to Wales for a stay, then you can't miss our latest listings and offers!

We work with over 20 national estate agencies which have provided us with all info you need about properties for rental. We cover all areas of Wales and we have apartments and houses available in major cities of our territory. 

Here are some reasons why it's best for you to rent through The Wales Index!


 All sorts of properties

 Trajectory & reliability

 Rentals companies or websites often specialise in one kind of property, but in The Wales Index you can find from small apartments to family houses, from budgetproof short term rentals to luxury homes in the best destinations. You can access our full catalogue of properties for rentals by simply singing up for our newsletter. Send us your e-mail address and your range of interest and you immediately get a tailored list of available properties! Easy and simple!  When you look for a property through The Wales Index, you can trust that all rentals offered to you are certified by our team. The Wales Index has been around in the Welsh estate market for over 30 years, and we know the scene very well. We have our trusty partners and we have learned from which estate companies to stay away. We have already implemented a quality filter on all properties we advertise, so you can be sure that our listings will be filled with nothing but great properties and excellent deals, very convenient for you.

 Best prices & special deals

 Human quality

When you rent a property through The Wales Index, we give you a little something in return for your trust. Estate agencies with which we work often offer our clients special deals and savings, but only if they rent their properties through our website. We can get you up to 15% discount on rental and 10% discount in insurance! Ask for special deals and discount availabilities when requesting your tailored listing! We think that the most important thing is to leave our clients satisfied and happy with their rentals. For that reason, we walk by their side from the very beginning, with a smile on our faces. We really want you to find the best property for your short, mid or long term stay. We will be there to answer any question that you have and to provide help and orientation whenever you request it. You can rest asure that you will have a great experience in Wales with us! 


Contact us today by calling our number, or using the contact form that we have provided! We will be happy to help you find the best property, at the best price. Welcome to Wales and enjoy your stay!